The Lost World lunchbox (1997)

Check out this cute little lunchbox. It was a free giveaway when you purchased biscuits from the Belgian company LU in 1997. 

The Lost World: Jurassic Park lunchbox

The bright green plastic box features an image of the young T-Rex and the very time-period The Lost World styling and typography.

I remember seeing this lunch box all over the place during lunch at school. But unfortunately, many had the print faded or nearly gone as it turned out it was not dishwasher save. I never used mine for food, and kept it nice and tidy in my collection room…

Hope you liked his post! Did you have this linch box yourself? Leave a comment down below Bon appetite!

Fun fact… This photo was cut from my Jurassic Park Collectibles book which is available at most online retailers, so be sure you to check that out!

Jurassic Park Collectibles by Kristof Thijs Jurassic Park Collectibles by Kristof Thijs

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