Mattel Jurassic World action figures

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Jurassic World Mission Force Matchbox

When Hasbro didn’t release no movie inspired action figures in their 2015 Jurassic World line, fans were disappointed. They tried to set things right when they released their Owen “Alpha” and Velociraptor “Blue” set, but that figure lacked character.

Mattel Jurassic World action figures
Mattel Jurassic World action figures

When Mattel took over the Jurassic World toy kingdom, it quickly came clear they were pulling out all stops. Not only did they lift the quality of the dinosaur toys, they also brought back movie inspired action figures.

The first wave consists out of three figures. Owen and Baby Blue, Dinosaur Trainer Owen and Mercenary & Dimorphodon. Each comes with their own accessories or weapons. All the action figures are articulated,  a feature that had been missing with most Jurassic Park action figures in the past.

The Mercenary can frequently be found in stores with the wrong label. A second Mercenary set with an Ankylosaurus is/was planned, but somehow the cardboard inserts got mixed up.

A second wave of action figures was recently released early in some countries, including the UK.  There’s yet another Owen figure, this time with Lockwood battle damage. Claire’s also there with a Stegosaurus hatchling. The figure is actually a repaint of the one that comes with the Gyrophere. The last figure of the wave II that has been released so far is that of Wheatley. The leader of the mercenaries comes with heavy weapon equipment.

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  1. I live in the UK, and picked up a Claire & Stegosaurus a couple of days ago. Easily the best human figure of the line so far – really nice sculpt and detail on Claire (including a metallic paint on her belt), and the Stegosaurus is cute and detailed. Mattel are doing wonders for Jurassic Park toys.

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