Resto-GB souvenir cups

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Jurassic Park souvenir cups
Jurassic Park souvenir cups

These 2 Jurassic Park souvenir cups were part of a larger set that were used at a Belgian restaurant chain called Resto-GB (now called Lunch Garden). They feature some nice artwork, likely produced for these cups. The artwork is very reminiscent of similar cups made for McDonald’s in 1993.

The back of the cups features a description of the scene that’s printed on the front.

Jurassic Park souvenir cups

2 thoughts on “Resto-GB souvenir cups

  1. They released cups almost exactly like these at McDonalds back in 1993. Although some are have wear, I believe I was able to collect nearly all of them. Very beautiful artwork, to say the least.

    1. Hi Robby, how many cups are there in this collection ?

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