Jurassic World represented at Belgian comic books convention

The 25th edition of the FACTS convention take place this weekend  in Ghent, Belgium. FACTS is basically your typical comic books convention, with lots of cosplaying, expensive merchandising and Star Wars.

This year Jurassic World was well represented. The huge iconic gate was recreated by prop replica group. Animatronic dinosaurs were placed in front of them and were a very popular photo location, with a queue all day long.

Jurassic World gate at FACTS convention

Pratting at the Jurassic World gate at FACTS convention

There were lots of visitors wearing Jurassic Park t-shirts, a lot more than last year, and there were even a few Jurassic cosplayers…

Jurassic Park cosplayers at convention

Jurassic Park cosplayers at convention

Sadly there was very few Jurassic Park merchandising to be found. Most of it was either very common or expensive or broken.


I did manage to snatch the complete Jurassic Park trading card set from Topps. Not too bad for 18 euros…

Jurassic Park Topps collector cards

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