Jurassic World: The Boardgame


Jurassic-themed board games are hot. Ravensburger released  one in the United States a few months ago. Mondo Games is releasing one later this year. But these are all Jurassic Park themed. Up until now there was no Jurassic World board game that catered to both kids and adults. But thanks to Just Games, the first ever Jurassic World board game exists.  Continue reading

Jurassic World Dilophosaurus


Dilophosaurus is one of my favorite Jurassic Park characters. I see her as the Boba Fett of the Jurassic Park Cinematic Universe. Unfortunately she only appeared in the first movie and had a small cameo in Jurassic World. But that didn’t stop Hasbro from producing different toys based on Dilophosaurus since 1993.

Thanks to that small cameo, Hasbro went ahead with a whole new sculpt for their Growlers line.

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