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Jurassic Park III toys and collectibles (2001-2002)

Jurassic Park III T-Rex

Jurassic Park III T-Rex

When the Jurassic Park III toys were released, I never really cared much for the Re-Ak At-Ak T-Rex. Maybe because it was such a departure from the Kenner style dinosaurs that were released for the previous toy lines. However, when I got a loose copy in a bigger lot, I started to appreciate this sculpt a bit better.  Continue reading Jurassic Park III T-Rex

Jurassic Park female leads

Hasbro’s Jurassic Park ladies

Hasbro doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to releasing toys based on female leads from various movie franchises (they seem to fix this though with the new wave of Star Wars toy line). Jurassic Park is no exception. Continue reading Hasbro’s Jurassic Park ladies