Mattel’s Brachiosaurus gets a worldwide release

Mattel teased its Brachiosaurus toy way back in September during San Diego Comic Con.  No details were giving, except for an outline of the figure, only revealing it would be a large scale dinosaur. 

Now with the New York Toy Fair coming up, Mattel has reactivated their Mattel Jurassic World Instagram account with a photo of their Alan Grant figure looking up to the Brachiosaurus, quite similar to that famous scene in Jurassic Park.

Fans around the world were quickly disappointed when our friends at Collect Jurassic revealed the Brachio would be released under the “Jurassic World Legacy” line, an exclusive Target line which had a very limited release in other countries outside the United States.

But the Queen of Jurassic World herself, Britt Shotts, marketing manager at Mattel, confirmed on her personal Instagram account that the Brachiosaurus would be offered to local retailers as well but in the generic Jurassic World packaging, instead of the Legacy packaging.

Jurassic World Brachiosaurus

It remains to be seen though if the Brachio will get legs among retailers around the world, but at least there is some hope that s non-US fans won’t have to pay eBay scalpers amounts of money to add one of the most anticipated Jurassic Toys ever to our collection.

Mattel’s Brachiosaurus is expected to hit stores in Fall 2019.

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