Nobody’s perfect…

Mattel is doing an amazing job so far with their Jurassic World toy line. But nobody’s perfect. Sometimes a production error slips through quality control and can have some funny results…

The Stygimoloch & Mercenary story pack hit last week and I purchased it immediately. When the package arrived yesterday, I was a bit… surprised.

Instead of the new Mercenary figure, an Owen figure from the Blue and Owen story pack was included with Stiggy. Obviously a production error, but one that kinda makes a nice set, considering the escape scene as seen in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Mattel Jurassic World Stygimoloch and Mercenary

But this isn’t the first Mattel slip up. Another Mercenary set is have some production issues as well. Many of the shipped figures have a wrong label inserted that mentions Ankylosaurus instead of Dimorphodon. The Mercenary set with Ankylosaurus is actually part of the wave III figures and will be released soon.

Jurassic World Mercenary and Dimorophodon

Although these errors will frustrate some buyers, for a collector like myself this also creates a unique opportunity to add to the collection. And let’s face it, even with these small errors, Mattel is still doing a far better job than Hasbro ever did with their Jurassic World line…

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