Microverse T-Rex Trap micro playset

Microverse was a line created by Kenner/Hasbro in 1996 to compete with the popular Micro Machines (which is now part of Hasbro).  A few sets based on The Lost World were released in 1997. There were two larger playsets: the “T-Rex Trap” and the “The Lost World Lab” (which I’ll review later) and a few smaller vehicles and dinosaurs sets.

I only own the two large sets because I really dig the artwork on the boxes.

The T-Rex Trap is inspired by the scene in The Lost World when the T-rex attacks the Ingen camp. It comes with a baby T-Rex, Triceratops and “Evil Roland Tembo figure”.  The playset features doors and hideouts and a T-Rex head with moving jaw. The set can be closed to make it look like a mountain on Isla Sorna.

Microverse T-Rex Trap micro playset Microverse T-Rex Trap micro playset

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