Jurassic Park Dinosaurs: Pteranodon

This Pteranodon is part of the Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs toy line from 1999. In fact it’s one of the few I own from that line and it’s not even in its package (I’m a vivid “mint in box” collector). It came with a big lot I purchased years ago.

Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs - Pteranodon

So obviously the big Pteranodon is a repaint of the Jurassic Park series I version. It sports a weird dark brownish with green and creepy bright white eyes. The inside of the left wing features the JP logo (if it’s not Jurassic Park, it’s extinct).

Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs - Pteranodon

The Pteranodon functions are identical to its 1993 cousin: a snapping jaw and flapping wings by pushing the button on its back. And yes, the wings are still too heavy to have them flap decently.

Jurassic Park: Dinosaurs - Pteranodon

The hatchlings come from the The Lost World: Jurassic Park Nick van Owen set. They are brown with a touch of spray-paint white on their stomaches.

Definetely not my favourite Pteranodon out there. Thoughts?

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