Dino Tracker Adventure Set

The Dino Tracker Adventure Set was released in 1997 as a Walmart exclusive in the United States. It’s part of the The Lost World – Jurassic Park line and it features the relatively unknown creatures Estemmenosuchus (yes, that is a spelling error on the package) and Scutosaurus.

Dino-Tracker Adventure Set

Both were actually planned to be released in 1994 as part of the Jurassic Park series II toy line, but sadly this never happened. Photos of them were teased on the back of the other series II toys but they never made it out of the Kenner factory until 1997.

Ornithosuchus, Scutosaurus and Estemmenosuchus

Jurassic Park series II Ornithosuchus, Scutosaurus and Estemmenosuchus. Photo © Hasbro

The Dino Track figure looks like it’s put together using different body parts of other action figures from Kenner’s Congo and Jurassic Park lines.

For some kind of reason I really like this set. They are no mainstream dinosaurs like the Velociraptor or the T-Rex and the paint job of the Scutosaurus looks nice, unlike the hideous colors used for Estemmenosuchus. What happened Kenner?  The colour scheme of the 1994 version looks so much better.

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Dino-Tracker Adventure Set Dino-Tracker Adventure Set Dino-Tracker Adventure Set Dino-Tracker Adventure Set Dino-Tracker Adventure Set


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