Hello (again)


Let me introduce myself! My name is Kristof. I’ve been running Jurassic Toys for more than 10 years, although there has been a long hiatus in between. Obviously I’m a big Jurassic Park fan and have collected quite a few toys and other merchandising over the years.

With this blog I’d like to take you to my Jurassic World and show all that stuff I’m really proud of. I’ll be talking about the toys and merchandising in my collection and bring some news about the movies and other dinosaur toys I like.

Enjoy the blog and… Welcome to Jurassic Toys!


1 thought on “Hello (again)

  1. My friend i a big fan of your page since 10 years ago, nice to see the face behind this apasionate page of collectors. My name is Nestor Mendoza and im from Mexico, im a big JP fan and thus i have mi big Jurassic toys collection, growing each month, jaja:

    Greetings my friend, ill hoe for more articles and photos, keep going,

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