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Jurassic Park series 1 Robert Muldoon

Jurassic Park series 1 Robert Muldoon

The Jurassic Park series 1 Robert Muldoon toy was released in 1993. It was designed based on early sketches for the character, long before the Bob Peck casting was done. This explains why the face and body sculpt is way off compared to the movie version. (This was kinda corrected in the series 2 toy line)

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Jurassic Park Command Compound

Jurassic Park Command Center

The Command Compound was THE toy I wanted as a kid.  I wanted it so bad, I dreamed about and kept staring at the HUGE box when I was at the local toy store. I begged for months to get it from my parents but to no prevail. When Christmas came around the corner, there was a large big box under the Christas Tree and I was convinced my parents finally got me my beloved Command Center. However when I unwrapped it, disappointed struck. No Command Center but a Jurassic Park desk chair. A desk chair… I had to fight to show my disappointment to my parents who were really proud they found me a new desk chair themed to the francise I love the most. But yean, a desk chair…

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