Photo tour of my Jurassic Park room

I’ve been a dinosaur fan since I was a little kid. When Jurassic Park got released when I was 12 years old, my whole world got turned upside down. I started asking Jurassic Park toys, at first just to play with, but not long after I grew out of my “playing phase” and started collecting. That’s why the early toys I got are still in pretty good condition.

By the time I turned 14, I turned the tiny playroom where all my toys were stored into my first “Dinosaur Room”. Actually, I called it the “Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous museum” because I had quite a big fossils collection, thanks to the nearby marl caves in my local village. But a few years when The Lost World: Jurassic Park got released, my collection grew bigger, so I decided to switch my bedroom with my dinosaur room. And that’s where my collection currently still sits, growing bigger and bigger!

Here’s a photo tour of my Jurassic Park room, enjoy!

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