Mattel Jurassic World action figures



When Hasbro didn’t release no movie inspired action figures in their 2015 Jurassic World line, fans were disappointed. They tried to set things right when they released their Owen “Alpha” and Velociraptor “Blue” set, but that figure lacked character.

When Mattel took over the Jurassic World toy kingdom, it quickly came clear they were pulling out all stops. Not only did they lift the quality of the dinosaur toys, they also brought back movie inspired action figures.

The first wave consists out of three figures. Owen and Baby Blue, Dinosaur Trainer Owen and Mercenary & Dimorphodon. Each comes with their own accessories or weapons. All the action figures are articulated,  a feature that had been missing with most Jurassic Park action figures in the past.

Mattel Jurassic World action figures


The Mercenary can frequently be found in stores with the wrong label. A second Mercenary set with an Ankylosaurus is/was planned, but somehow the cardboard inserts got mixed up.

A second wave of action figures was recently released early in some countries, including the UK.  There’s yet another Owen figure, this time with Lockwood battle damage. Claire’s also there with a Stegosaurus hatchling. The figure is actually a repaint of the one that comes with the Gyrophere. The last figure of the wave II that has been released so far is that of Wheatley. The leader of the mercenaries comes with heavy weapon equipment.

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Mattel Jurassic World action figures Jurassic World Mercenary and Dimorophodon

Mattel’s Jurassic World toys in stores


The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom toys are slowly showing up in stores all around the world.

Here in Belgium I was lucky to find some sets at a local toy shop. They only had a few items, leaving the shelves empty after I was done shopping…

Mattel Jurassic World

Prices here seem to be much higher compared to the ones advertised on Mattel’s USA website, some twice as much. Here’s what I paid:

Super Colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex: EUR 84.99 ($103)
Trash ‘n Throw Tyrannosaurus Rex: EUR 41.99 ($52)
Action Attack Stegosaurus and Carnotaurus: EUR 24.99 ($30)
Jurassic World mini dino blind bag: EUR 2.99 ($3.5)
Jurassic World Matchbox: EUR 2.99 ($3.5)

I’ll go deeper into reviewing every item individually but my general impression of this toy line is more than positive. The dinosaurs not only look great, they also feel great. The plastic doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy like Hasbro’s last attempt. The sculpts and paint jobs look great. Although they’re not 100% movie accurate, they have a strong resemblance and are nicely consistent with the rest of the Mattel Jurassic World toys.

Mattel Jurassic World