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Jurassic Park toys and collectibles (1993-1994)

Jurassic Park potato chips

Jurassic Park potato chips

Back in 1993 Universal was selling Jurassic Park licences like hotcakes. One of those licensees was a Dutch potato chips producer called Smiths (now part of the Lays group).

They sold dinosaur-shaped Jurassic Park potato chips. I kinda remember I didn’t really like the taste and only bought them because they were Jurassic Park branded…

Anyway, I kept one of the empty wrappers:

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Jurassic Park toy ad (1993)

Vintage Jurassic Park toy ad from 1993

This Jurassic Park toy ad appeared in a brochure for a supermarket chain called GB (now part of the Carrefour group). It was released right before the holiday shopping in 1993.

Anyway, I still remember flipping through that brochure and just being stunned by that photo. For today’s standards it looks *meh*, but when I was a kid I just could see myself building the same backdrop, put some houseplants and throw some dirt on the floor to get the same set up (but I never did). I loved this particular page so much that I had ripped it out and carried it all around with me nicely folded up. As an early collector I asked my grandmother for her copy of the magazine so I could put a clean page in a binder to keep it safe. Glad I did so I can share it with the rest of the world…

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Jurassic Park Command Compound

Jurassic Park Command Center

The Command Compound was THE toy I wanted as a kid.  I wanted it so bad, I dreamed about and kept staring at the HUGE box when I was at the local toy store. I begged for months to get it from my parents but to no prevail. When Christmas came around the corner, there was a large big box under the Christas Tree and I was convinced my parents finally got me my beloved Command Center. However when I unwrapped it, disappointed struck. No Command Center but a Jurassic Park desk chair. A desk chair… I had to fight to show my disappointment to my parents who were really proud they found me a new desk chair themed to the francise I love the most. But yean, a desk chair…

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